The right stuff duo


The Right Stuff Duo can offer the same great shows as the full band, with the same level of energy, fun and sheer musicality at any party or event.  Maybe you're not looking for a full band (due to reasons such as size of venue, budget etc), but you still want an act that can get your guests on to the dance floor, and get the party going? Then this could be the 'right' way forward for you!


Apart from regular bookings across the UK, The Right Stuff Duo's past experience includes working overseas on the Disney Cruise Line sailing the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Scandinavia, as well as numerous bookings to Dubai (including a New Year's Eve event at the incredible 7-star Burj Al Arab Hotel).


With a repertoire of over 200 songs in numerous musical styles, this duo can perform both popular hits of recent decades as well as the best songs from today's charts, and their flawless harmonies really showcases the musical chemistry they have on stage.



A highly experienced performer with a rich, powerful voice, and excellent stage presence at all times.  She strolls through epic numbers by artistes such as Tina Turner, Whitney Houston and Donna Summer.  Chelsey will certainly bring any party alive with her energetic renditions!



A multi-talented musician and a versatile singer.  Llwyd has the ability to perform in many different styles - from the smooth warm sound of Frank Sinatra to the dynamic vocals of the king of pop - Michael Jackson.  He can also compliment the shows with effortless performances on both piano and guitar.